Alpocalypse Track Ranking

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by spunkyandy »

I agree this is very hard to do--there are very few of his songs that I would rank last. But for fun, I'll join in. It looks like I differ with a few here on the number one ranked song on Alpocalypse. I really like seeing other opinions though.

1. Craigslist--I love originals, Al is spot-on. My favorite part is about the barista and where he has nonsensical lyrics. "Be bom ba chomb...."
2. Polka Face--Polkas are near and dear to my heart. This and Polkarama are my favs.
3. Skipper Dan--This one grew on me. I loved it more and more as time went on, live is great.
4. Party in The CIA
5. CNR--good rock song. I absolutely loved his acoustic version of CNR at the tiny desk concert with NPR. I hope he does more in the future.
6. Another Tattoo
7. Ringtone--why did I rank 7th? It has great harmonies in it, and before he released this song, people gave me funny looks when I would put any Al song on my ringtone. ;)
8. Perform This Way
9. TMZ
10. Whatever You Like--any time he mentions tater tots,'s gold to me.
11. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
12. If That Isn't Love
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Killingsworth »

TMBJon wrote:8. Perform This Way - This was a great song but obviously not of the White & Nerdy caliber. Do you think this will be a concert staple for a while because of the great costumes involved? I expect it to stick around for another album cycle or more, but I wouldn't really miss it if it eventually went away or got medleyed somehow.
I only think this would end up in the next tour/album cycle if Lady Gaga releases any more music and is subsequently back in the headlines/public eye for it. Otherwise, I don't see it ever getting medleyed or lasting beyond this tour. Still, Al did keep "You're Pitiful" in the 2010/Spring 2011 set, so who knows?

I could definitely see "TMZ" getting medleyed for the next tour and possibly "Party In The CIA". That song sounds like it would fit anywhere in a medley, but those suits really make too much of the song in terms of visual performances. I'd say the same thing goes for PTW as well.
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by HappyGilmore »

1.) CNR. Best song on the album.
2.) Polkaface- I'd rank this in my top three polkas.
3.) Another Tattoo- I love the original and this makes me laugh every time, and the whole "It's Ronald Reagan" part.
4.) Craigslist- Big Doors fan, and I like it more every time I hear it.
5.) Skipper Dan- Figured I'd rank this higher, but it's around here. Dig it a lot.
6.) Party in The CIA- Originally skipped it a couple times, but as I listen to it, it's moved up.
7.) Perform this Way- Decent parody, but not a great lead single.
8.) TMZ- I could switch this with PTW, both good parodies.
9.) Whatever You Like- I like it, probably more than some others here. But seeing as it was released earlier, a bit dated.
10.) If That Isn't Love- Kinda skip this one.
11.) Ringtone- always skip this one. Hate it.
12.) Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me- I haven't listened to this since buying Alpocalypse. :F

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Insomnia »

From best to worst, I also included my rating for each song due to force of habit.

Polka Face: 9/10
CNR: 8/10
Party in the CIA: 8/10
Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me: 8/10
Perform this Way: 8/10
Another Tattoo: 7.5/10
Craigslist: 7/10
Ringtone: 7/10
Whatever You Like: 7/10
TMZ: 7/10
Skipper Dan: 7/10
If that Isn't Love: 6.5/10

This is a pretty consistently good album but not great. I'd give it a 7.5

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by chellie2126 »

1. Party In The CIA
2. Perform This Way
3. CNR
4. Polka Face
5. Whatever You Like
6. Craigslist
7. Skipper Dan
8. Another Tattoo
9. TMZ
10. If That Isn't Love
11. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
12. Ringtone

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by FreeDeliveryFan »

1.) Party In The CIA
2.) TMZ
3.) Skipper Dan
4.) Polka Face
5.) CNR
6.) Craigslist
7.) Another Tattoo
8.) Perform This Way
9.) Stop Forwarding This Crap To Me
10.) Ringtone
11.) If That Isn't Love
12.) Whatever You Like
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Waffle King »

This is one of my favorite ALbums, so I pretty much like 'em all,but here goes:

1. Whatever You Like. I just love this one. Maybe I identify with it too much.
2. Another Tattoo. Al has fun with the tattoo craze.
3. Ringtone. Another fun song. I like the Queen style. "What was I thinking?"
4. Party In The CIA. Another favorite. The video was pretty cool too.
5. Polka Face It's always funny when Al sings a "girl song" (like "I kissed a girl") in a polka
6. Craigslist. Great Doors style parody
7. Skipper Dan. I like the story in this song. Probably a lot of "Skipper Dans" out there.
8. Perform This Way. Probably nothing too special,but catchy.
9. CNR. I don't really find the lyrics all that funny,but the music pretty much makes up for it.
10. Stop Forwarding This Crap To Me. Great style parody of Jim Steinman, done in his most overblown manner.
11. If That Isn't love. Eh,it's ok. It's one of the few I may skip every now and then.
12. TMZ. Ditto. Not crazy about it, but it speaks the truth about the celeb obsession these days.
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Yankomaniac »

I did this in 2011 and just went back to make sure and the first few sound right but things have definitely changed in the last few years as far as the last six or so. I wouldn't say I like Party In The CIA the least today.
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