Alpocalypse Track Ranking

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by JCM »

I doubt that he would rank Whatever You Like that low.
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by oddaustin »

When you build a track list, it's best to bury the lesser quality stuff at the end (not the last track though). They're called the 'filler slots'. I'd say Whatever You Like fits into that. Though, in this case, the placement may be because of how dated the song is now, rather than Al not liking it.
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by joseyklein »

I'll take a crack at it....

1.Another Tattoo (my favorite by far, and one of the funniest.)
2.TMZ (Just like that one up there and that one down below, stellar job, and great jokes)
3.Party In the CIA (look up... same thing)
4.Skipper Dan (My favorite original being Im a movie FREAK)
5.Polka Face (By far the best polka since Alternative (buddy holly version) )
6.If That Isn't Love (the best love song, although it seems Al's voice gets buried in the music a little)
7.Whatever You Like (I love this parody, all jokes are sill topical today, and it hits close to home..funny)
8.CNR (another hilarious great original, love the Chuck Norris references)
9.Perform This Way (love this parody especially "intestines/set fire to myself" not the strongest one)
10.Ringtone (don't know why everyone hates this one... I'm easily amused I guess)
11.Craigslist (loved it at first, spot on Doors style parody, just got kinda old after listening to it so much)
12.Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me (don't know about you but I have a hard time hearing Al's voice over all the production and background singers, so I really couldn't hear lyrics that well, I got a different file version of the album today so hopefully it sounds right this time.)
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by NMRodo »

Let the record show I don't dislike any of these songs.

12. Craigslist - Not much to say for this one. It's got some good jokes, but it's pretty dated.
11. Another Tattoo - It's funny, and I especially like the shopping list line and the almost-swear at the end. But it's practically a list song; in this case, listing random tattoo ideas. Also, it's damn short compared to "Nothin' on You".
10. Perform This Way - Funny enough, but like #11, it's missing huge chunks from the original song. I have a feeling this would be ranked higher if Al wasn't rushed into writing it.
9. Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me - Most originals usually take some time to grow on me. This will probably move up as I listen to it more.
8. Ringtone - It's not the funniest song, but there are a few lines I like, and it's pretty catchy. I don't understand why Al would follow "It made my wife so sick she smashed my iPhone with a brick", a line that I personally found pretty funny, with the completely anti-joke "but I had it fixed and now it's just fine". what
7. Whatever You Like - Regardless of what most people here think, I find this to be a really funny parody, and it's still pretty topical despite its age.
6. CNR - Excellent tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly, total inaccuracies aside. It's a great rock song, too.
5. If That Isn't Love - Most of it is pretty funny, but the diarrhea fake-out line and "saying something encouraging" just make the song for me.
4. Skipper Dan - Even if it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it's a great song in both the writing and melody. It manages to be funny but still realistic and down-to-earth, something that can't be said for a lot of Al's catalog (not that that's a problem).
3. Polka Face - The live version was great, but the album version came out even better. Maybe it's just because I recognize a lot more songs than I normally do, but this currently holds the spot for my favorite polka.
Two-way tie for 1. Party in the CIA and TMZ - Cop-out? Maybe. These two parodies are both excellent, and I can't decide which one I like better. Tom Kenny's appearance on TMZ is a great little addition to an already hilarious song. Party in the CIA is just terrific in general, setting such a dark theme to a cheery tune (Christmas at Ground Zero, anyone?)

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Way_Moby »

NMRodo wrote:Two-way tie for 1. Party in the CIA and TMZ - Cop-out? Maybe. These two parodies are both excellent, and I can't decide which one I like better. Tom Kenny's appearance on TMZ is a great little addition to an already hilarious song. Party in the CIA is just terrific in general, setting such a dark theme to a cheery tune (Christmas at Ground Zero, anyone?)
I feel the same here. I LOVE both of those parodies. "Party in the CIA" is just so dark it's awesome. :P

I really like "Another Tattoo" just because, although it's fictional, it's so true at the same time with some people.

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Moneybags »

This has changed fourteen times in the time it took me to type it just now.

1. If That Isn't Love
2. Another Tattoo
3. CNR
4. TMZ
5. Perform This Way
6. Party In The CIA
7. Skipper Dan
8. Polka Face
9. Whatever You Like
10. Craigslist
11. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
12. Ringtone

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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Teh Dingo »

OK, after having sat down and listened a few times without distraction, I'm ready to give my rankings. I started with the Internet Leaks, slotted them whereabouts I knew they would go, and adjusted my rankings with the newer songs accordingly.

And these rankings will probably still change at some point

1. Skipper Dan
2. CNR

When IL came out, it became clear to me these two songs would be very hard to top for me. I liked a lot of the newer songs, mind you, but wasn't particularly moved off this prediction.

3. If That Isn't Love

Wow. Much like Virus Alert, had ZERO expectations for this one going in (And when I heard Hanson style parody, they became less than zero). So catchy and fun and wonderfully written.

4. TMZ

Really knocked it out of the park on this one. Unquestionably my favorite of the direct parodies.

5. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

Great, but really ended up being a victim of it's own hype. The Meatloaf/Steinman angle adds a lot to the what could have been just a slightly above average song.

6. Perform This Way

This song has really grown on me, and I expect the video to cement it's place in my playlist. But at the same time, it's probably not Al's best effort in the lead single department (I blame Gaga :P )

7. Party In The CIA

Catchy songs are bound to have catchy parodies, and this is no different. It was bound to be fun regardless of the lyrical content, but it was a funny song to boot. Nothing special, but nothing to complain about.

8. Polkarama

Not feeling this polka as much as others, but as it is a "Weird Al" Yankovic polka, it's pretty durned good. It certainly is better as a studio version, though.

9. Another Tattoo

A bit lukewarm on this one, but it's pretty funny. I guess I just like other B.o.B. songs better, so this one's hard to get into from the "song parodied" angle. Probably could grow on me the more I hear it.

10. Whatever You Like

It was a good idea in theory, anyway. Actually, I do like this song quite a bit, but it does lose points for sounding rushed and of course, now being pretty stale.

11. Ringtone

Musically, I think this song is stellar. I originally had it higher than WYL, but yeah, the truth is, this song just isn't that great as far as the lyrics go.

12. CraigsList

I get a lot of crap for being bored with this song, as I'm bored with the Doors. I'll put it this way: I hate Pink Floyd too, but if Al did a Pink Floyd style parody, I'd be more on board with that since there's more places to go there. I just find CraigsList both musically and lyrically uninteresting (Compared to the's still got 4 stars in my iTunes)

Still way too early to tell where this album ranks. I still say SOL is my favorite, and this isn't SOL in my opinion. But it's really good, and the Internet Leaks do fit in quite well instead of sticking out like a sore thumb (With the possible exception of WYL).
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by JEDM »

1) Skipper Dan
2) Polka Face!
3) TMZ
4) Party in the CIA
5) Another Tattoo
6) If That Isn’t Love
7) Perform This Way
8) CNR
9) Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me
10) Craigslist
11) Whatever You Like
12) Ringtone

This will probably change over time. I've mostly been listening to the new songs, and skipping the Internet Leaks.
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Big Spoon »

After about four listens, I've been able to formulate my list. This'll probably change around a lot the more I listen to the CD, but here it is for now.

But I love almost every song on the album, and even though I'm ranking them here, even the ones lower on the list are still stelar, IMHO.

1. TMZ
2. Skipper Dan
3. If That Isn't Love
4. Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me
5. Perform This Way
6. Party In The CIA
7. Polka Face
8. Another Tattoo
9. Craigslist
11. Ringtone
12. Whatever You Like
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Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Post by Noodles »

I don't think I post here often enough for anyone to care how I rank them, but I figured I mind as well rank them anyway. I left out Polka Face because it's too different to rank with the rest of them.

11. CNR
10. Whatever You Like
9. Ringtone
8. Craigslist
7. Skipper Dan
6. Another Tattoo
5. If That Isn't Love
4. Perform This Way
3. Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me
2. Party in the CIA
1. TMZ

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