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Post by HappyGilmore »

CNR is totally my favorite pick off of Internet Leaks. Guess it helps I'm a fan of both The White Stripes and Charles Nelson Reilly.
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Post by Bridger987 »

What did everyone else think of the new verse of CNR, premiered on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?
Charles Nelson Reilly sold his toenail clippings as a potent aphrodisiac
He ran a four-minute mile blindfolded with an engine block strapped to his back.
He could eat more frozen waffles than any other man I know
Once he fell off the Chrystler building, and he barely even stubbed his toe.
Had a tiny little scratch on his toe.
Didn't even hurt!

Link: ... 9/1170564/

Edit: Haha, perhaps this shows how cheap I am. Ripping the music from the video and not realizing these lyrics were cut from the song, remaining in the digital track.

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Post by algonacchick »

It didn't premiere on Fallon's show. If you had purchased CNR off of itunes, you would have heard it then. It's only omitted from the music video.

I like it.
4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

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So awesome!

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Post by ludovica64 »

CNR, for me is right up there slogging it out for my #1 all time favourite Al song with IAATP..

I loved CNR from the first time I heard the first note of the intro
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Post by JCM »

I love Chuck Norris jokes and JibJab, they're one of my two favorite things on the Internet. The fact that both was brought together in this one song is just another instance of Al's beautiful mind in action.

Edit: Oops, wrong thread.
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Post by Iamabrawler »

What stuck to my mind is the Tour de France joke. That shows a nice level of knowledge. But yet again, with two flat tires and a missing chain, you can`t go very far - I also liked the bear massaging CNR.
"So I went in my garaage, got in my care
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Post by WAYFan »

Dad said his favorite part was the initials at the end--"making him sound so cool"--until I told him that people actually called him CNR while he was alive.
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Post by mrmeadows »

I was listening to "CNR" the other day, and I noticed a strange background noise around the time Al says "Every day he'd make the host of Match Game give him a piggyback ride..." At first it sounded like someone giggling, but listening again it sounds like it could be a female or someone with a high-pitched voice chattering, or maybe just odd sound effects. Whatever it is, I don't understand what it is and why it comes in at that moment in the song and no other. Anyone else notice? Can you make heads or tails out of it??

Or am I crazy and just hearing things?

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Post by Nerd42 »

Anybody else picking up that Al copied the chorus out of "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" to make CNR? Everybody says it's a White Stripes parody, but I'd list Jim Croce since actual lyrics are copied.

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Re: CNR = "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce?

Post by FredHuggins »

There's a difference between style parody and lyrical reference. Al also references "Footloose" in Party at the Leper Colony, but that doesn't make it a Kenny Loggins style parody.

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