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Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:50 pm
by Elvis
Below is a compendium of the ALbum #13 spoilers (which will be updated as we get more information).

7/17: Big Spoon posts a link to the Jib Jab Twitter page that announces the release date for their Weird Al music video as August 4, as well as a still from the video. It appears to be in the style of The White Stripes. (link)
7/14: "Skipper Dan" from "Internet Leaks" is released.
7/8: Fred Huggins reports the cover is in the visual style of Divya Srinivasan, who directed several TMBG videos.
7/8: Dustin finds the cover art for "Skipper Dan."
7/8: Happy Steve reports that Rolling Stone has revealed the title of the next song will be "Skipper Dan."
6/19: louietheweaselfaceddogboy finds an article that hints towards an Al-related project from
6/17: Anth finds an interview with Taylor Hanson in which he says that he's written a song with Al about seeing Brian Wilson. No word on whether this will be one of the "Leaks" or even if it will be released at all, either by Al or Hanson.
6/17: Alinite finds an article with the release dates for the next three "Leaks": July 14, August 4, and August 25.
6/16: "Craigslist" from "Internet Leaks" is released.
6/6: Title of second single from "Internet Leaks" revealed to be "Craigslist", a Doors style parody, thanks to an Amazon.Com listing. The page also includes a sample of the song and cover art. The sample is later removed without explanation.
5/29: is updated to reveal that Al will be leaking new tracks, and accompanying videos, to the Internet over the summer, as part of a release plan they are calling "Internet Leaks" for bookkeeping purposes. WYL is retroactively the first song in the collection. The next song and video will be released 6/16.
5/27: Big Spoon reports that Jib Jab will be animating one of the videos for the new album. (link)
5/8: bryce87 reports that Bermuda told him via Facebook chat that Al will be releasing some new songs in late June or early July on iTunes.
5/7: Al tweets that he is back in the studio today for the first day of mixing the new tunes.
4/21: Al tweets that he is going into the studio today to start recording 4 new tracks!
1/30: An article in the OC Register says that the new album will not be released until 2010.


10/8: "Whatever You Like" is finally posted on iTunes.
10/7: A "glitch" at iTunes delays the release of "Whatever You Like." There is no new ETA, but still hopes it will be released sometime today.
10/7: A press release states the song is about our current economic climate.
10/6: Al announces in his blog that the new digital single is called "Whatever You Like" and is a parody of "Whatever You Like" by T.I.
9/30: Al announces in his blog that he is recording a new parody to be released on iTunes on 10/7. It is a parody of a song that is currently or was recently #1 on the charts.
9/29: Recording begins on a new digital single.
9/4: Al confirms what he said in Billboard magazine on his blog.
6/18: Al mentions in an interview in Billboard magazine that he will start writing his next album very soon. He plans to release one track at a time on iTunes as he's done recording them.