WOWAY 10 years : Memories

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

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the Dingo wrote:Whatever happened to that topic anyway? :ph34r:
What's happening to this topic now?
not to mention the toilets at Madonna Inn

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

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Seems to have taken a snooze, but I will resurrect it! :yay:

I came across this forum a few months after attending my first Al concert in 2003 (I was 14) and the rest is history! I have since learned a great deal about Al and about Al fan culture, hung out at concerts and made friends with multiple forum folks (you know who you are), waited in line twice to meet Al with said forum folks, and most recently, started an Al tribute duo with our very own WeirdMary0427! So glad to be part of the family :)