WOWAY 10 years : Memories

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by Orthography Enthusiast »

Congratulations to WHiZZi and all the mods who have worked so hard to make this place available and keep it tolerable. I've made so many friends through this board (not all still visit all that often, but this is where I met them). This is the longest time I've ever spent on a message board.

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WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by Kevbo1987 »

Wow...10 years. I signed up in 2003 after seeing the link on The Mothership. I've had some great times here. Winning the first season of Survivor was definitely a high point. Mostly, I've just enjoyed the community and the people I've met in here. Having a place to discuss Al is awesome, and there's so much information I never would have known if it wasn't for WOWAY. Here's to another 10 years.
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by crazygurl14 »

I came to this site in 2003. I found it through the links page on For a while i was an occasional visitor but as time went on i become more and more frequent. Some memorable times on here were when his parents died i learned it here, basically any appearance he has i learn from here. I found Al tube and spent proabably a month watching a few things every night so i have been able to see things from before my fandom(and before i was born lol). There have been lots of memorable and exciting things that i have seen on here and i am glad i found it.
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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by anthontherun »

In early 2002, I finally made the leap into online forums by joining a Beatles message board. At 13, there weren't a whole lot of Beatles fans in my real-life peer group so it was incredibly exciting for me to finally have an outlet to discuss topics like their best album cover, which Beatle was most creative during the White Album period, random obscure songs from Paul solo albums, etc. I got banned about two months later for being too overzealous.

A week or two after that, I was surfing and noticed an Al forum. I'd liked Weird Al even longer than I'd liked the Beatles, so I figured it'd be worth checking out. I joined that night, but perhaps because I was still scarred by the experience at the Beatles forum, it took me a couple months before I really found my footing and began posting on a regular basis. Nine years later, I can't even begin to say how glad I am to be here and how much more comfortable I am in this community than any of the others I've been a part of over the years.

My most memorable WOWAY moments...good and bad...from the past nine years...

-As I was wont to do back then, I signed up for the forum with an email address I did not check. Also as I was wont to do back then, I had no understanding of image copyright and lifted my first avatar directly from I never saw any of Bermuda's emails asking me to remove it until I came in one day and noticed my avatar was gone and I couldn't replace it. WHiZZi and Bermuda graciously assisted me in correcting this. To this day I still feel pretty bad about this because I later saw that Bermuda had sent several emails about this and so it looked as though I was just blatantly ignoring him. Sorry again, Jon--but thank you sincerely for looking past it a few years later and giving me your vote of confidence to become a mod.
-While it obviously isn't a pleasant memory, I really admire everything our community did in the aftermath of Nick's and Mary's passing, particularly the topic of messages for Al. Eventually we compiled them into a book which I mailed to Al but I've never gotten confirmation that he received it, unfortunately. Either way, I hope he at least saw the topic and got a sense of how much he means to us and how thankful we are for Nick and Mary and everything they did to shape Alfred Yankovic.
-I've made no secret that my preferred method of dealing with spoilers is via a single topic, and that's because of the excitement and fun brought about by the Poodle Hat spoiler thread. We were like vultures, scoping out every scrap of information we could find. A very exciting time.
-Similarly, who could forget the build-up to the release of "Whatever You Like"? That thread was epic. The song isn't a favorite of mine but I do have a soft spot for the anticipation it gave us. What a night.
-The Evil Avatar preceded my becoming a WOWAY Lover by only a few weeks. I found it absolutely hysterical, especially when I later learned that there was an extensive plot to eventually display a message through it. It was cut short because so many people were freaking out.
-The first season of Survivor. Hosting parts of seasons 2 and 4 was fun, as was playing in All-Stars and watching the other seasons unfold...but nothing compares to the first season, which was a blast, at least until I pulled a Rudy and took my metaphorical hand off the idol. :P Any time I hear the words "shock value" in any context, I can't help but crack up.
-Two words: Dave's caulk. This isn't just my favorite WOWAY memory; this is my favorite Internet memory, where for 2-3 days many of us defied the laws of subtlety in some of the funniest ways I could ever imagine. :lol:
-Three more words: "Crazy Cow Therapist." Need I say more?

At the end of the day, no matter what happens here and whatever arguments/drama pop up--and as Jackie said, compared to most forums this is a really pleasant and friendly environment--I love this place. It's my Internet home and I'm so thankful to be a part of this community. I've never met anyone from here in person but I hope that changes as I (finally!) embark on my seeing-Al-in-concert journey. There are definitely some amazing friends here and perhaps most importantly, WOWAY has increased my Al fandom to an incredible degree. Take that, 8-year-old me with the Bad Hair Day cassette! You think you're so cool, huh? Well I have Peter and the Wolf and The Authorized Al now, so in your face!

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by fred27 »

i still go in IRC

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by Killingsworth »

DrSteggy wrote:and really, this is a fairly drama free place compared to other message boards I frequent
gee, I'd sure like to know which other message boards you frequent...only joking of course...

Anyway, congrats on ten years Whizzi and I'd like to thank you for providing a sense of community for all of us here. You certainly did an admirable job.

I joined a few days before the "Craigslist" single was released if I had to put a date on it. I posted at another Al forum that was slowly dying out and I was initially put off of signing up here. I was under the impression that you guys were just a bunch of stuck up jerks, but I was soon forced to eat those words. I don't think I've built any lasting worthwhile relationships yet or anything, but most of you guys turned out to be pretty cool and I appreciate that. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm that well liked here, but then I remember as long as I'm still an Al fan I'll always fit in here. Hell, I think my pics with Al and Steve are slowly building me some fan cred here. I have some memories here, but they all make me look like kind of a jackass so I don't think I'll share them here.
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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by Gumby »

Yes, IRC is still active, but participation is much smaller than it was back in the BHD and RWS days. I'm there most days. #weird-al on any Efnet servers. for the chat client and will give you a list of servers to connect to. Not much has changed for those of us who are still there. Usually the topic is NOT about Al, but we try to drift on topic every now and then.

And congrats to the forum and its members on 10 years.

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by Kristine »

Wow, 10 years! Here at Disney, that would get you a little castle pin on your nametag. :-P

I joined after seeing people in front of me waiting to go into the OC Fair shows wearing "poodle hats" with the link on the back of them (back in the good ole days of the free concert in the fair... as long as you waited for 4-5 hours beforehand in line). I'm sure that was obviously a few of you, but I didn't know you yet. Funny how things work out. I'm so glad I joined, as I now have multiple real life friends as a result of positing here.

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by albinodwarf27 »

Happy 10th Anniversary!

I joined years ago while looking online for tour information - I was so wary of message boards that I deliberately chose a name that wouldn't reveal anything about me. It's been a delight getting to know some of you in "real life." I've made some lasting friendships here and have had some incredible experiences (like climbing a mountain!) thanks to people I've met through WOWAY.

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Re: WOWAY 10 years : Memories

Post by TMBJon »

One of my favorite WOWAY memories was hosting the WOWAY Awards a couple years ago. (Speaking of which, we are well past due for another one.) Another would be all of the fun debates with Bruce the Duck (the old school ones we had on here, before they got taken elsewhere).
My least favorite WOWAY memory was probably the time lamename3000 tricked me into coming in 3rd place in WOWAY Survivor. That, or all the confrontations with scottidog.
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