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Posted: Wed May 19, 2004 11:42 pm
by anthontherun
I sent this to Scotti a while back but she didn't post it. So now that I can post a nice sticky topic, it's time to share this guide I came up with:

WOWAY Etiquette
A guide by Anthontherun

Welcome to the World of “Weird Al” Yankovic forum! Before you begin to post, there are some tips you should follow to make your (and our) visits to the forum more pleasant.

1. Before you start a new topic…search.
This is one of the biggest pet peeves members face. We know it’s sort of complicated to search on the forum, so there is a tutorial that shows you how to do it. If there is already a topic about what you wanted to discuss, post in there; if there isn’t a topic already, you may start a new one. But please think before starting up a topic. Some things, as important as they may be, do not merit their own topic. For these things, please post in our Generic Al Blather topic.

If you’re not sure whether something merits its own topic, or just don’t feel like searching, post whatever topic you’re considering in this topic. Another member will be happy to do the search.

2. Please do not ask us for MP3s.
If you’re at this forum, then it’s obvious that you’re a Weird Al fan. So what better way to show your love for Al then by buying his products legally? Al needs to make a living, you know. If you can afford a computer, you can afford a CD.

As for Al’s rare, unreleased songs, for the most part, Al does not want those recordings to be spread. We need to respect his wishes on this forum.

3. Don’t post links to your website.*
If you have a Weird Al website, we’d love to see it. We have a Links forum, and if you want to see your website added, send a private message to one of our moderators. Don’t start up a topic about it or it will get locked and there’s much less of a chance that our moderators (understanding and nice as they are) will be willing to put it up in the Links forum.

*There is an exception to this rule. If your site genuinely answers a member’s question/request, by all means, post it. However, don’t do that in every one of your posts; that’s spamming.

4. Don’t go off-topic.
This is an Al forum. While it is inevitable that we occasionally steer off topic, let’s try to keep everything Al-related. There are a few non-Al topics where we get to know members, celebrate birthdays, discuss avatars, and all that fun stuff. But unless you’re in one of those topics, try to keep it Al-related.

5. Don’t abuse smilies.
This may seem like a minor annoyance, but it frequently becomes so much that some members may just ignore a smilie-filled post. Please try to keep your smilie use to a minimum. You’ll find that not only do the pages load faster, but it makes it a lot easier to read.

6. Be safe, not sorry.
Don't post any personal information here. If you want to talk to a member outside the forum, you can give personal information in a PM (but before you do, ask if they're ok with it). While only registered members can post at WOWAY, anyone can read many of the posts here. You never know who's out there, so don't post anything you might regret. If anyone asks you for personal information, PM a mod immediately.

7. Please try to speak intelligibly This is a message board, not a chat room. There's no reason to hurry while typing. Typos are fine, everyone makes mistakes, but there's no reason for chat room speak on a message board. You'll find many people here (Or on other boards) skip those posts all together.

8. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.
This one should go without saying. Be respectful of the other members. Don’t flame them. The forum is like an extended family, and we treat everyone with respect. Please do the same.

If you follow all of the tips, you’ll have a great forum experience. We hope you’ll enjoy your time on WOWAY!

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:43 am
by anthontherun
By request, WOWAY chatroom etiquette:

1. If you're not using your WOWAY screenname (or a variation on it), it's helpful to introduce yourself when entering the chatroom.
People want to know who they're talking to in the chatroom. While it's sometimes useful to use a different username (Survivor hosts generally do this for Tribal Council chat), that's not always the case. And trust us: if you use a different screenname, and someone asks who you are, it is not funny/cute/cool to say something like, "Oh you know...someone ;) ".

It's also impolite to use someone else's screenname when entering the chat. Anything you do under that name will reflect on that user. And if you have to do some damage control, we're not going to be happy.

2. Talk intelligibly.
Sure, you are in the chatroom. And yes, with real-time chat, you do want to type faster. However, it's annoying to read things like "hey how r u 2day?" This is not the Prince chatroom; it's the WOWAY chatroom.

3. Follow (most of) the forum's rules.
In the chatroom, you may talk off topic. And maybe if a mod's not around, you can get away with cursing. But still, don't talk about anything that isn't appropriate. A few of our biggest chatters are youngins, so don't talk about anything that their mother wouldn't want them stumbling upon.