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September 2019 Newbie Zone Update (Please Read)

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:11 pm
by Teh Dingo
Due to the influx of newly registered members on a forum of this age, it's hard to tell if any new members are legit or not.

Since many spambots share common traits such as user names that have a pattern, filling their profiles with the same interests and jobs, linking to websites that are insurance or politics related, or sigs that contain links to those sites, they will be banned upon registration or first sight.

If you're a legit new poster, do not do any of these things (You shouldn't be anyway, but still). We don't want to catch anyone in friendly fire :)

Also, please post in the introduction topic and not open a new topic just to say hi. That's something we used to enforce and went away from, but since we can't have nice things, we should start doing again.

Since Newbies can only post replies in other forums, we may have to temporarily lock Newbie zone if we get another attack, and that's something we don't ever want to do :)