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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by TMBJon »

thexoblivion wrote:Hi my name is Sarah and I used to post on here as a teenager. Now i'm back as a 30 something year old.
I couldn't tell a dirt clod from a plate of caviar.

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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by Crysania »

Hello! Another newbie here. I don't know why I never joined before. Ridiculous that's for sure! I've been a fan of Al's pretty much for as long as I can remember. Certainly since Eat It, but I think I was a fan before even then because I remember being excited about its coming out. As a kid I used to run around wearing yellow t-shirts and goggles and singing Dare to be Stupid. I haven't gotten any more normal over the years, as my mom would assure you!

As a kid I wrote really terrible parodies, thankfully none of which saw the light of day as it was the 1980s.

Now I work a boring day job and spend the rest of my life doing my hobbies, which consist of playing music (both in a community band and Irish traditional), playing with my dogs (I do agility with my younger dog), taking photos (I do canine photography -- clearly I'm a dog person!), and writing fanfiction for various fandoms (still a nerd!).

On a fun side note, I share my birthday (though not birth year) with Weird Al. I was a fan before I ever found out and I still remember my cousin calling me up one day because she read the "Celebrity birthdays" that were in the paper that day and found out his birthday was the same as mine. Born to be weird, I guess!

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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by Appleshy »

Hi. I have been a long time Al fan. Really long. Over 20 years since his TV show first aired in 1997. I finally went to my first Al concert over a month ago in July. It was epic and everything I wanted it to be and hoped it would be! <3

Anyway. Al is my favorite singer and musician of all time. I love to sing his songs during karaoke and try to be as patient as possible waiting for a new song or bunch of songs to get release from him.

I still am shocked I finally got to see him live and close enough to see his face well enough! Also he sang during this tour the little theme song for the hamster, in his TV show, live for the first time ever. That made me super happy. I grew up hardly able to wait until the next time I would watch his show. Every time I found it on TV I would watch it. I was practically addicted to it. Lol

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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by smol.andriusha »

Hello! I found this forum a few days ago and thought it would be fun to join
I'd love to post some of the fanart I've done (in the corresponding thread of course) and maybe meet some fans
My name is Andrés but you can call me Andrew if you want, I'm 21 and even tho I've liked Weird Al since I was very young (my dad showed me Amish Paradise when I was probably 5 or 6), in the last few months I've become a bit obsessed and I've been looking for places to share my love of all things Weird Al, so... yeah, idk if there's anything else to say

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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by dysequilibrium »

Heyyo, you can call me Dyse, (Weird) Alia, or anything really. In 6th grade our teacher showed us White and Nerdy in class and now at 20 years old I've decided to look into Al's other stuff. I'm kinda obsessed now...heh

I'm currently working my way through Al-Tube and posting all of my favourite clips here

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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

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