My essay....

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My essay....

Post by squishsquashgirl »

This is an essay that I wrote for English class about my first (and so far only) Al concert experience. It doesn't really have specific stuff about the concert, but my English teacher liked it...... I hope you do too!

A Dream Come True

I closed my eyes to the flashing lights, screaming fans, and pouring rain around me, and focused instead on the wondrous feeling inside. This was it! I’d finally made it! It was a dream come true for me, but what if that was all it was? I opened my eyes again, and convinced myself what I saw before me was real: The massive crowd surrounded me, the cool raindrops made my skin tingle, and the stage lay before me. The sweet, sticky smell of popcorn and cotton candy mingled with that of fresh rainfall, and the ground beneath me throbbed with the vibrations of stamping feet and applause. I still could not believe what was about to happen. As I glanced around me, I could tell by the expressions on their faces that my friends were as excited as I was. We were finally here!

Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and the background music came to a pause. The crowd was silent with anticipation. Onto the stage walked the young, slender figure of a three-time-beauty-pageant-winning-homecoming-queen-person. I cast a nervous glance towards my friends. The crowd suddenly became raucous, yelling at the girl to get off the stage. Furiously, my friends and I joined them.

“Ladies and Gentlemen...” the girl began nervously; “...Weird Al will be onstage in just a few minutes!” At that moment, I let out a tremendous whoop of pure delight. I had waited so long for this day to finally arrive! The crowd was on its feet, applauding and screaming themselves hoarse. I too was laughing and stomping, and working myself into hysterics. For the next three hours, everything would be right in the world.

Let me explain: ever since I had met Jenny, Amanda, Bri, Cherie, Katie, and Angela, I had been listening to Weird Al Yankovic, an extremely talented musical comedian and accordionist who is best known for his hilarious parodies of popular songs. Over the years, I have become a humongous fan of his. I know the lyrics to almost all of his songs and listen to them frequently. My friends and I have always fantasized about seeing him live, and on this day, the nineteenth of June 2003, at approximately eight-fifteen pm, our fantasies became reality. We were in the Coors Amphitheatre at the Del Mar fairground. We were sitting on plastic lawn chairs on a strip of Astroturf in box C. We were going to see our idol at last!

After what seemed like an eternity, a video clip appeared on the huge screen beside the stage, asking the crowd “ARE YOU READY FOR WEIRD AL YANKOVIC?” Well, what sort of stupid question was that? I screamed out the answer, long and clear: “YES!!!!!” As if in answer to the crowd’s deafening roar, Al’s band, Steve Jay, Jim West, Ruben Valtierra, and Bermuda Schwartz, struck up the opening chords to “Couch Potato,” Al’s newest single. The music was deafening. It sent vibrations along the ground and into my brain. I became one with the music, screaming along and stamping my feet to the beat. Just when I thought my heart couldn’t beat any faster, Al himself leaped onstage. He was dressed in his Eminem costume, which consisted of about three hooded sweatshirts and a beanie. He started singing, and I sang too:

“If you had one shot to sit on your lazy butt and watch all the TV you ever wanted until your brain turned to mush, would you go for it? Or just let it slip? Yo!”

Well, I don’t know about TV, but I could have sat there watching Weird Al until my last breath! He was so full of life! He was like the energizer bunny, except not as pink. I could tell he was enjoying it even more than I was, if that was possible! I don’t know if I was even aware of what I was doing, or if I was completely under Al’s spell. I was standing, screaming, laughing, stamping. I was dizzy, and I could only focus on one thing: my idol. My best friends were the same. We must have been getting a lot of funny looks from those not quite as obsessed as us, but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered to us was the music. For three hours, the music went on. I sang along with every single song, gazing awestruck at the bright colors and many fantastic costumes below me. I was completely overwhelmed by the pure splendor of Al’s performance.

I arrived home at midnight, sticky with sweat, my throat killing me, my ears throbbing. I was too tired to think, I was too dazed to speak, and I felt like the happiest person on the entire planet! I collapsed onto my bed, and fell asleep instantly, images dancing around madly inside my head. I saw dazzling lights, I saw my best friends in the entire world, and I saw thousands of people, spellbound by the music, waving their arms in perfect harmony with one another. But most of all, I saw Al. I saw his twinkling brown eyes, so full of inspiration and laughter, his wild brown hair flying around his face, and his mouth forming the words that had made me laugh hysterically, and had made my cry for pure joy.

That night I had made my dreams come true, and though I had no photos or souvenirs, I carry the memories, I still feel the excitement, and perhaps most importantly, I have seven of the best friends in the world, with whom I can revisit the magic time and time again.

OK, its pretty soppy, English teacher liked it!

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Post by Orthography Enthusiast »

I liked it too, squishsquashgirl.

He was like the energizer bunny, except not as pink.


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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

That is definitely a great essay! I already did an essay on AlCon for my English Comp class, but now also an evaluation essay of the Running with Scissors cover. I just love putting Al into my essays.

My favorite quote:
He was like the energizer bunny, except not as pink.

Very true! :satisfied:


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Post by ThewEiRdOne27 »

Awesome story! Good work. :)
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Post by scottidog »

QUOTE He was dressed in his Eminem costume, which consisted of about three hooded sweatshirts and a beanie.

What, no pants? :stern:

Good essay! Glad to see you were able to battle the Al induced haze long enough to write it.

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