The Alternative Polka ANIMATION COLLAB!

Here you can show your graphics skills or any program made of Weird Al.

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The Alternative Polka ANIMATION COLLAB!

Post by claykid12345 »

Hello, WOWAY!

I'm here to tell you that I'm organizing an animation collab to make an animated music video for The Alternative Polka!
If you're an animator or artist, you should sign up.
How it works is each person who signs up and gets entered in the collab gets to pick (or gets assigned depending on when in the collab's production you enter) a song in the medley to animate. Once all parts are taken, you just animate the song you picked/were assigned!

Requirements and Other Stuff:

To enter, email me a portfolio or some examples of things you've animated at [email protected] , or through a PM here on the forums.

Animation must be at least 720p and an MP4, WMV, AVI, or SWF file.

Your segment cannot be/contain anything NSFW (18+).

We will be using an edited version of the song containing the Buddy Holly part, which can be found at

Send me your final animation at [email protected] or through a PM as an attachment, download link, or YouTube video.

You will be credited with a watermark in the corner of your segment with your name, in the credits of the video, and in the description. Feel free to send me a watermark graphic to use for you
if you want!

Song list (Will be updated whenever a new person enters):
Loser (0:00-0:38)
Sex Type Thing (0:38-1:00)
All I Wanna Do (1:00-1:30)
Closer (1:30-2:02)
Bang and Blame (2:02-2:17)
You Oughta Know (2:17-2:44)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (2:44-2:59)
Buddy Holly (2:59-3:14) BEING ANIMATED BY: claykid12345
My Friends (3:14-3:25)
I'll Stick Around (3:25-3:35)
Black Hole Sun (3:35-4:01)
Basket Case (4:01-4:47)
Ear Booker Polka (4:47- 5:00) Everyone will animate this part, as it will be a mashup of everyone's animation to make a nice wrap-up of the video.

The final product will be on my YouTube channel, Holy Shrimp! Studios.

So, sign up if you'd like, and let's try to make this really cool! :D

I'm also hoping that, if this is a success, I can do this again in the future with other songs (Polka Power!, other medleys, Genius in France, etc.).'s time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys, it's time to let the bedbugs bite...
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