Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

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Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

Post by Killingsworth »

Which of these two fairly recent polkas do you like better and why?
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Re: Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

Post by RunningWithScissors »

In my oppinion, NK was a fun joke song, but not one I really need to hear again. Where as, even though I knew nothing about Hamilton (the musical) before hearing the Polka, I now have the polka stuck in my head, singing all of it, just like all the polkas that had songs I didn't know already.

(In all of my loving al time, which I started when I was a kid, when I was a kid, up to Off the deep end, I'm pretty sure the only song I already knew in ANY polka was Love Shack and Hey Jude and I still loved all of them. Knew Bohimean Rhapsody, and again, Alternative Polka, I only knew All I Wanna Do. (I lived in a small town with one selective radio station) Angry White Boy polka wasn't my type of music, though I knew a couple I think. Polka Power! and Polkarama! were the only two that I knew 3/4ths of the choices. (Or in the case of Polkarama, Knew them all, but haaaated 3-4 XD) Then around "Polka Face" I had stopped listening to current music and only knew "Fireflies" and "So What?", and with Now Thats What I Call Polka, I knew a couple more, but just "Someone I Used To Know", "Timber" (<- I hate that I knew that, It was my sisters fault. XD) and "Thrift Shop"......)

...My point of all that is, I love all those polkas, and I enjoy them even though to this day I still don't know a lot of the source material. (....Ugh, I still hate that because of Al, though, that I know Wreckingball, and it really gets stuck in my head....) But Al is just a genious and makes me enjoy it anyway. While, NK polka... It's not bad at all, but It feel more like, "Hey, this will be a fun live proformance to do once, I'll write this in a day or two and it will be fun." And again, its not bad at all! But, I don't really have an interest in hearing it again. Just my oppinion.

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Re: Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

Post by joseyklein »

Being the north Korea polka isn't an official release, I'm going with Hamilton Polka!

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Re: Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

Post by Yankomaniac »

Hamilton Polka because it is so crazy it cannot be done Live. Both are funny.
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Re: Polka Poll: Hamilton vs. North Korea

Post by TMBJon »

Yankomaniac wrote:it cannot be done Live.
Sir, maybe Al can't do it, but it can be done, I mean.

Video coming Friday...

Anyways, I voted for The Hamilton Polka as well. I really enjoyed North Korea Polka, and I like that it is a rare instance of Al going fully political. (See, Al, that wasn't so hard, was it?) However, the Hamilton Polka is a truly brilliant arrangement. I appreciate how Al distilled the entire musical into five minutes. And you can hear throughout it what a love letter it is to Hamilton and Lin-Manuel himself. I stand by my first impression that this is the spiritual successor to Bohemian Polka. One long polka-opera, more than a medley of unrelated choruses.
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