W or Y?

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W or Y

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Teh Dingo
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W or Y?

Post by Teh Dingo »

Whenever I go to a store that has a well stocked music section, I always check to find Al cds even though I don't need any. I always want to know where they keep them: Under W or under Y?

It's just a simple stupid thing I get a kick out of (And hey, if we can have whole topics dedicated to 27 and pre-concert mix cds , why not this?)

So if you got a record or entertainment store, where is Al? W or Y? And if you don't have access to a store, where does Al go in your collection if you have your cds or lps or 8 tracks alphabetically?
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Re: W or Y?

Post by TMBJon »

I usually find Al under Y, which is where he belongs. The most common exception I've found isn't W but rather that Al is taken out of the main Rock section and is instead filed under the Comedy or even Children section. And of course, there is also the problem that once the Rock section hits V, it's usually a total cluster of artists that start with V, W, X, Y, and Z, often out of order, and sometimes even ending before getting to Y.
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Re: W or Y?

Post by Heds »

There's no record stores near me, I have to go to the city for an HMV. Otherwise I CAN shop off HMV offline, but then that wouldn't slightly wouldn't be relevant to this topic since we're talking about psychical record stores.

Speaking of HMV: I've never been inside one. Nor have I been in any record shop for a fact. I actually do remember the Blockbuster that was in my town that shut down around 2011/12, and I'm not sure many 12 year olds across the pond remember renting DVDs from Blockbuster! I'd still rather do that than have a Netflix subscription, to be fair ;)


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Re: W or Y?

Post by YankoSwag 8888 »

The place I go to has him under Y

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