Who's the bigger jerk?

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Which character is the biggest jerk?

"Trapped In The Drive-Thru" guy
No votes
"If That Isn't Love" guy
Other song character (Explain below)
Total votes: 26

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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Muldernscully »

Easily the "If That Isn't Love" guy for the reasons mentioned above.

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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by TMBJon »

Good Old Days guy
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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Eyeball Chair »

The clear answer is the "Al" from The Weird Al Show! He was a jerk to all his friends!

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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Song Dust »

Definitely the Confessions Part III guy!
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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Heds »

No contributions in a while, wow.

I'd say the woman from You Don't Love Me Anymore. Come on, she left Al for dead!


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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Mystik Tomato »

Mr Frump.
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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by YankoSwag 8888 »

Why Dose This Always Happen To Me? or First World Problems. They will stab someone cuz the can't get off there ass or will through a fit over a coffee not being perfect.

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Re: Who's the bigger jerk?

Post by Teridax »

I voted "other" for the "I Was Only Kidding" guy. But of the two you specified, it's "If That Isn't Love." The guy from "Trapped In the Drive Thru" seems more forgetful and short-tempered than outright mean, and he was obviously annoyed by the slow, irritating drive-thru experience. As for the "not too bright" line, he has a point: think of all the orders drive-thru people get wrong in real life (as such, it's one of my favorite lines in the song).

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