Replace one parody on each album with the original song.

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Replace one parody on each album with the original song.

Post by RunningWithScissors »

I just thought of this randomly yesterday, and thought it would be a fun game.

What if you had to choose one parody per album to be replaced with the original?

Your reasoning can vary, mine do. from love for the original, or not caring for the parody. I will explain some of my choices, but if you decide to play, you can explain as little or as much as you want.

Here are my choices:

WAY: Stop Draggin My Car Around -> Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Though I have actually just semi recently started to really appreciate 'car'... I <3 Tom Petty)

In 3-D: King Of Suede -> King Of Pain

Dare To Be Stupid: Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch -> Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (I feel like this would be everyone's choice, even Al's if he was playing.)

Polka Party: Addicted To Spuds -> Addicted To Love

Even Worse: This Song's Just Six Words Long -> I've Got My Mind Set On You (Supposibly, I was humming 'I've got my mind set on you' before I could talk.)

UHF: Isle Thing -> Wild Thing (This was a hard album. I LOVE Stand, but I LOVE Spam, too.)

Off The Deep end: The White Stuff -> The Right Stuff.

Alapalooza: Bedrock Anthem -> Under The Bridge (Maybe cheating slightly on this one? But if not I was gonna say Bohemian Rhapsody, and that would REALLY be cheating...)

Bad Hair Day: Cavity Search -> Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Running With Scissors: Jerry Springer -> One Week (One Week is one of my favorite songs ever!)

Poodle Hat: Ode To A Super Hero -> Piano Man (I love Ode, but Piano Man is a classic :) )

Straight Outta Lynwood: Canadian Idiot -> American Idiot (The only original from that album I even kindo-of like. But that's why Al is a genius, he took crap songs like "Trapped in the closet" and "Ridin'" and turned them into gold!)

Apocalypse: TMZ -> You Belong With Me (This was another span of music I wasn't a fan of the original songs he parodied. This was the only one of the songs, again, that I even kind of liked.)

Mandatory Fun: Inactive -> Radioactive

Your thoughts? :)

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