Al On Shatner's Raw Nerve

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Re: Al On Shatner's Raw Nerve

by FredHuggins » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:20 am

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Re: Al On Shatner's Raw Nerve

by LaikaComeHome » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:29 am


Here are my thoughts-I hate how people on YT keep complaining about how Bill was purposely trying to make Al tear up and discuss traumatic events just for the sake of exploitation-I don't think Al would willingly discuss what happened in detail unless if he was forewarned. The only case I know of where an interviewer pulls that topic out of nowhere is the interview on the Today show regarding his book "My New Teacher and Me." His demeanor just DROPPED and his body language made it clear that he didn't expect such a triggering question, Like, while death is a big important topic to tackle with your kids, but Weird Al doesn't want to write about that! It brings back bad memories. But I digress,

Even though I'm not exactly a fan of Bill Shatner as a person, I think he did alright with the interview, despite asking the "and how does that make you feel" questions and stuff. I wanted to hug poor Al, this is one of the rare moments you see the dude cry! At least the rest of the interview wasn't just heavy things about Al's life. Though I agree, I wonder what it was like him being one of the younger ones in his class.
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