Potential Game Grumps appearance?

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Potential Game Grumps appearance?

Postby CB Johnny » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:53 am

I was watching Conan last night and as the comedy band Ninja Sex Party took the stage, I remembered how four years ago on Al's Reddit AMA he said he would be down to appear on the Youtube Lets Play series Game Grumps.

https://twitter.com/ninjasexparty/statu ... 3084011520

It's clear there's a mutual interest. Furthermore, Al was and is at a stage in his career where he doesn't feel a need to say yes unless it really does sound like fun to him especially on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session where the entire point of it is the celebrity can skip any question he'd feel awkward answering. There were plenty of questions and he could have let that one fall by the wayside due to "time constraints and sheer amount of participants" if he didn't want to say "No, thanks. Not a fan."

So I don't know why he hasn't been on yet.

Normally, I assume these things just didn't pan out but the Grumps are known for taking a long time to get around to recording or even just uploading a Guest Grump session due to tight schedules planned out long in advance.

Shouldn't be too hard for this to happen in terms of travelling. They're all in LA.

Furthermore, I'm wondering if any of my fellow "lovelies" in the Ninja Sex Party fandom hope or had hoped it would have led to some sort of cameo on their album because of the frontman being a Game Grumps co-host. The brands overlap to a near flush.
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Re: Potential Game Grumps appearance?

Postby OneWAY » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:01 am

I asked Dan and Brian before their show in Dallas if they'd ever do a collab with Al, and they basically said the ball is in Al's court. That would be cool! Especially a Guest Grumps spot.
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