Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Is AL-TV returning or did you find a nice interview? Just tell the folks here.

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Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Post by yankochick38 »


Link to Pandora station!

"Grammy winning singer-songwriter & satirist "Weird" Al Yankovic talks about the hilarious songs Prince wouldn't let him parody, why he turned down an opening slot on Michael Jackson's '88 Europe Tour and how he got the okay to poke fun at Kurt Cobain, Coolio, Iggy Izalea and more."

Haven't had the chance to listen yet, but it looks like Al talks about a lot of stuff!!

Also, is this like a podcast? What is this? I didn't know Pandora did this kind of thing. :blink:

(@remmy please explain!)

-Alicia :tacky:
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Re: Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Post by crazygurl14 »

I did not know pandora did either. It is a podcast, i listened to some of it last night and so far its very good. They were asking him things I've never heard asked in interviews before.
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Re: Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Post by stardrop »

"Pandora isn’t available where you are… yet" :sadeyes:

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Re: Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Post by remmy »

yankochick38 wrote: (@remmy please explain!)
Oh hi! :)

Yes, Pandora is breaking more into the podcast space and Questlove Supreme is our first original offering. I wish I could say I had the chance to work with Al on this but I'm not on the team that works on the show so I found out about this just a couple of days ago myself.

I've listened to just a short section of it so far and it's a lot of the standard Al interview fare (his early life, getting parody permission, etc) but the vibe is really laid back and fun.

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Re: Al on Questlove Supreme Pandora Radio Station

Post by weird_el »

It was wonderful ... and long. 2 hrs. Set aside time, listen.

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