Rating the Weird Al Originals

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by weirdojace »

Top 8 originals? I can do that easy.

1. Hardware Store
2. Skipper Dan
3. Albuquerque
4. Everything You Know is Wrong
5. Melanie
6. Dare to be Stupid
7. Pancreas
8. The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by Yankomaniac »

1. Dare To Be Stupid
2. You Make Me
3. Nature Trail To Hell
4. Frank's 2000" TV
5. Skipper Dan
6. I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
7. Craigslist
8. When I Was Your Age
9. Don't Wear Those Shoes
10. Albuquerque
11. UHF
12. You Don't Love Me Anymore
13. Young, Dumb & Ugly
14. Good Old Days
15. Airline Amy

Really couldn't leave ANY of these songs out of my list, 15 is as low as I can go. :Y
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Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by ferdinand »

1. Dare To Be Stupid
2. You Make Me
3. Albuquerque
4. Craigslist
5. CNR
6. Hardware Store
7. Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White
8. Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me
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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by mrmeadows »

Here are my Top 8. The first 3 were easy, but it got surprisingly difficult narrowing down #s 4-8. Skipper Dan BARELY edged out Good Old Days. . .

1. Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
2. Your Horoscope for Today
3. One More Minute
4. Good Enough for Now
5. Dog Eat Dog
6. Waffle King
7. Genius In France
8. Skipper Dan

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by Hope You Enjoy It »

What a fun thread. I had to narrow down to 8 from 20, and I'm not even sure how/why I ended up with the 8 I did. I've found lately that I actually look more forward to Al's style parodies over polkas and parodies, so this list was definitely tough for me to limit to 8. Oh well I'm rambling now, so hope you enjoy it! ;)

1. Dare To Be Stupid
2. Frank's 2000" TV
3. Young, Dumb and Ugly
4. Germs
5. You Don't Love Me Anymore
6. Skipper Dan
7. CNR
8. Good Enough For Now

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by anthontherun »

I guess I haven't posted my own top 8...in chronological order:

Dare to Be Stupid
Dog Eat Dog
You Make Me
My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder
Your Horoscope for Today
Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
Close But No Cigar

Just missed the cut: Nature Trail to Hell, Generic Blues, Frank's 2000" TV, Traffic Jam, Good Old Days

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by just2good »

I'll do a Top 8...
1.) Hardware Store- A masterpiece. One of the only true original songs by Al, as it isn't even a style parody. The tool naming part is very impressive.
2.) Everything You Know is Wrong- Such a catchy song. I really like TMBG, so that might explain my love for this song. Even better, Nostalgia Critic and Linkara have used this song multiple times!
3.) Weird Al Show Theme- Something about this song. I don't know why I love it. And, it's short in sweet!
4.) Albuquerque- One of Al's funniest songs! I don't care if it borrows a lot from Dick's Automotive (in fact, I really don't like Dick's Automotive)!
5.) The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)- I don't really mind the regular version, but they're both the same to me. I don't have a dark sense of humor, but this song is hilarious!
5.) Christmas on Ground Zero- Pretty dark song, but really catchy. I love Christmas music too, so this one does not disappoint.
6.) Skipper Dan- Creative and catchy. Not the funniest song by Al, though.
7.) Dare To Be Stupid- Funny and a great singalong song.
8.) UHF- Reminds me a lot of the movie, which, fun fact- I've never watched completely! Still, nice song.

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by babadavis1 »

I think it's a nifty challenge, just picking 8. Mine would be (in no particular order)...
BBOTIM, Good Ol' Days, Albuquerque, Mr. Frump in his Iron Lung, Bob, Germs, Truck Driving Song, and Good Enough For Now.

Ask me tomorrow, and you might get a completely different list, though.

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by HappyGilmore »

1.) Dog Eat Dog
2.) Midnight Star
3.) Dare To Be Stupid
4.) Melanie
5.) Genius In France
6.) Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
7.) Skipper Dan
8.) Good Ol' Days

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Re: Rating the Weird Al Originals

Post by spunkyandy »

1.) Dare To Be Stupid
2.) Close But No Cigar (this song doesn't get enough credit!!)
3.) Craigslist
4.) UHF
5.) Skipper Dan
6.) You Make Me
7.) Good Old Days
8.) Hardware Store
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