The big Songography discussion topic

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by Elvis »

Universal Records CD Sampler Volume 58 contains "It's All About The Pentiums"


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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by weirdal_megafan27 »

Does anyone know where why there are 100's more parody songs of weird al that he's performed but he's never released them on cd? Do u think he's going to bring them back?

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by weirdojace »

Because most all of those are parodies he was denied permission for.

So no.

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by Alinite27 »

I would say the significant portion of those songs are not ones that he was denied permission for, but those that he couldn't find a good enough idea for an entire hit.

Al hasn't been denied permission very many times.

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by giantlobsterrobot »

I was under the impression that the big bunch of food medley concert only songs were made specifically to be quick medley material and nothing more. Some of the other stuff was rejected by the original artist or just not used. I do find it interesting that he doesn't do any concert-only original songs. I'm sure there are tons of songs that he's written that are good enough for a quick medley or small concert stint, but not album-worthy. ... Unless every original idea is album-worthy... perhaps they are.

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by TMBJon »

For example there is no way "Take The L Out Of Liver" was ever meant to be anything more than what it is.
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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by giantlobsterrobot »

It's funny that you mention that one because I was going to perform a cover of that song. I know it sounds silly, but it will probably be around 1 1/2 minutes long. :)

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by anthontherun »

Did we ever figure out what's the deal with "Pennsylvania Polka"/that Office soundtrack?

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by minnick27 »

Yeah, he recorded it and it never got released. Wish it was, I enjoy stuff Al performs on

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Re: The big Songography discussion topic

Post by CB Johnny »

Hey, everyone. It seems safe to revive this topic because of how useful it has been. I'd like to spark a bit of dialog as well.

The songography has been inactive since around 2012 and I'm interested in taking a stab at it in my own way.
What I have in mind is a simple spreadsheet listing each song and the best way to hear it via an official release and of the highest quality. Otherwise truly unreleased material (Hollywood Offramp tracks, concert exclusives) will have notes on what it even was in the first place so I can respect Al's wishes.

If people are interested in helping out with fact checking or combing for, as Greg put it, "every bit of musical miscellany Al has ever performed" whenever Al appears on a show, podcast, radio interview, and such then this could be really special.... in an incredibly nerdy way.

So. Although this is long long long belated...
Interrobang asked about these tracks
Interrobang wrote: Think! (A Cappella Version) (2009)
Think! (Accordion Version) (2005)
Think is the Jeopardy song. The a capella variant was recorded for AL Fest 2009. It's on DVD and the one who put together the Jeopardy experience uploaded the clip on youtube.
Accordion Version is for a Jeopardy commercial featuring various musicians covering it.

Interrobang wrote: Billboard
The Crazy Jay Show Promo (2001)
Desert Island Discs (1990)
If they sound like some sort of radio interview, promo, station i.d., then don't expect an actual moment of musical miscellany in the sense of an instrument being played or Al singing a few words
but instead expect it to be radio broadcast material that was put to an official CD.
I haven't heard these but it's safe to say they fall under that category.
Interrobang wrote: Cruisin' Down Higuera (1979)
Deck The Halls (1979)
Gas Line Blues (1979)
Give A Little Bit (1979)
Hey Food (1979)
Hocus Pocus (1979)
Incidental Music (1979)
Punk Blues (1979)
Schmaltz (1979)
Stairway To Gilligan (1979)
You Never Gave Me A Tune Up (1979)
material from 1979 likely is stuff Al recorded with Frank and Vince Sanchez and their social circle. I believe they formed Hollywood Offramp but don't quote me on that.
Interrobang wrote: I Melt With You (2006)
Richard Cheese track that Al makes a spoken cameo on. It's available on Spotify so check that out.
Interrobang wrote: Leprosy (2003)
An update was made since that writing. It was during an interview on Nova 100.3, Australia in October 2003
Interrobang wrote: O Come All Ye Faithful (1980)
Silent Night (1980)
Al, Sulu, and Artie Barns perform these as one Christmas song on Dr. Demento and it might need to be revised as a "see A Demented Christmas (1980)" note rather than their own unique entry. never mind thank you, Minnick.
Interrobang wrote: School's Out (2004)
Alice Cooper cover in the second leg of Poodle Hat tour. I'll bet 27 bucks Al will do it again before Vanity Tour is over and we can enjoy it on Stitcher Premium.
Interrobang wrote: Talk Soup (E! Version) (1993)
Elvis and I talked about this. The producers at E! commissioned Al to make a theme song to Talk Soup. They loved it but it still didn't wind up picked.
Apparently, there's a difference between this one and what was released. I don't know what it is or if it ever was heard beyond those who were involved in the creative process but... it exists!
Interrobang wrote: Gimme Some Lovin'
Hanson concert encore November 7, 2009 at the Nokia Theater
Interrobang wrote: Question Reading Music (2009)
That was from the UStream live Q&A available here" onclick=";return false;

If anyone has questions about where to find these without having to bootleg I can help with that. A lot of things wound up on official streaming services of all sorts.

but the rest of Interrobang's list is unbeknownst to me as well. So if anyone has insight please drop a reply. Here they are
Interrobang wrote: Come on Get Happy (1988) -
E! Radio Sound Byte (1994)
Ella (1999)
Hello (2007)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Notebook Paper Version) (1997)
Jockey Full Of Bourbon (1997)
Lola (1994)
Mind Games (1999)
Pizza Burnin' (1994)
Ridin' (2006)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2003)
Without You (2009)
Yesterday All My Stubble Seemed So Far Away (2003) <-- from the aforementioned Nova 100.3 appearance

Here's stuff I want to know more about.

Baby (2010)
Cornflake Door (Cheese Windows) 2010
Jet (2011)

and I think these are from the time Al sat in with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. Am I right?

who said it (2011)
we're the co-champions (2011)
school of rock (2011)
accordion breathing (2011)
the 6:30 show (2011)
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