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Below is a compendium of the ALbum #13 spoilers (which will be updated as we get more information).

Album 13 Spoilers


8/19: In an interview with the Washington Post, Al says he's considering using iTunes to release songs more quickly, so they'll be more current.


7/11: In a Toledo Free Press article, Al insists that he's in no hurry to record the next album.
9/4: Al reveals in his MySpace blog he's planning on releasing individual songs on iTunes:

Al wrote:I think this time I'm going to try something different – instead of waiting for the whole album to be done before I release it, I'm going to start putting out a track at a time on iTunes – pretty much as soon as I'm done recording each one. That way you won't have to wait so long to hear new material, and my songs hopefully won't ever feel too "dated."

Straight Outta Lynwood spoilers

9/6: Five new Ask Al questions are posted on weirdal.com. In one of the answers, Al says that he plans to tour again around the summer of 2006, giving us a possible album release timeframe.

6/1: Elvis receives an email that said Al was open for tour dates in fall, but doesn't share the information with anyone until 6/16.
6/13: Yankovic Farley finds a mention on weirdal.com that recording on ALbum #12 will commence in July.
6/13: thatoneguy discovers a possible spoiler posted on a.m.w-a: an original song may appear called "I'll Sue You."
6/14: WHiZZi creates a "Spoiler Forum" for all possible spoilers
6/16: Elvis tells us that he received an email that said Al was open for tour dates in fall 2005--will we be getting the album before the end of the year?
7/5: Recording begins for 6 new originals.
7/10: In-studio pics are added to the Gallery at weirdal.com.
7/12: dgw671 reports that Jim West confirmed that there will be a "making of" video.
8/14: A news item is posted on weirdal.com that says recording and mixing for the first six songs is complete.
8/24: On G4's "Attack of the Show," Al publicly confirms the first 6 songs are done, and says that he has started at least some work on the next phase of the album.
9/7: Toasterboy reports that during "What's My Line Live," Al confirmed that he's recorded six songs for the new album and hopes to have it out the first part of next year (2006). Al said the album would be, "Very introspective and peel back the layers to show the real Al." Al also hopes to be touring by summer. Finally he mentioned that he may use the idea for the rejected Prince parody in the future.
9/10: Thatoneguy reports that Dr. Demento said that Al let him hear a few tracks from the new CD a few days ago and "You are going to be amazed when you hear them!"
11/2: saml reports that Katie Rice and John Kricfalusi are working with Al on an animated music video for one of his new songs. The song is about girls.
12/2: dgw671 reports that Al and TBITB will be back in the studio in early January to record the ALbum #12 parodies.
12/5: Katie Rice posts two images of what appear to be a skulking cat on her blog and indicates that they are layout poses from the Weird Al video.
12/18: weird_el reports that the NY Times printed that Bill Plympton is working with Al on an animated video parody of "We Are The World" called "Don't Download This Song".

1/3: Yankovic Farley reports that David C. Lovelace is working on an animated project for Al. He refers to the new release as a CD/DVD, and says to look for something shiny on it.
1/27: weirdal.com reports that Al has finished recording and mixing the first six songs for his new album, and he'll be back in the studio in late February to record three more.
2/4: CatraDhtem reports that BMG confirmed that Al's album will be a DualDisc and released in the first half of the year.
2/19: The weirdal.com report from 1/27 is updated to acknowledge that the three songs were being recorded right now.
3/15: John Kricfalusi posts on his blog that he's working with a Canadian studio and the animation will be done with Flash.
4/2: Al's #27 Fan posts an article that reveals that John K. has finished the Al video.
4/6: Weirdal.com features a large 27 before redirecting to the homepage.
4/9: weird_el finds an article that reveals the video John K. was involved with is an original song.
4/22: Weirdal.com reports that two new songs were recorded, and that the album may or may not be finished.
4/26: Jake Waters finds a great source that says there will be several animated videos for the upcoming ALbum. The one with the cat drawings is an original called "Close, But No Cigar" about a cat who goes after girls but realizes they aren't his type.
4/27: In "Ask Al", Al confirms that the large 27 was a teaser campaign, and the album was scheduled to be released on June 27, but silly record company politics held that up. No new release date is announced.
4/28: A possible new song title, "Weasel Stomping Day," is discovered thanks to a mention on the "Robot Chicken" episode guide.
6/7: Bermuda posts an MP3 of a brand-new Al parody, "You're Pitiful," on weirdal.com.
6/7: iisryan27 notices that the previously mentioned 11 completed songs has been changed to 10.
6/9: A weirdal.com mailing list email confirms that "You're Pitiful" will not be on the new album.
6/12: CNN.com reports that the long-lost Al rarity "Crazy Cow Therapist" will be included on the new ALbum, but minutes later, the report is removed. Later in the day, Talking Taco Radio airs a leaked MP3 of the song, giving fans a rare opportunity to hear it. Unfortunately, FCC regulations prevent TTR from releasing the song to the public.
6/13: mewrio finds a mention of a possible White Stripes parody, "Blue Organ."
7/9: The "Robot Chicken" episode does not air on its scheduled air date.
7/13: Al's #27 fan finds a quote by John K. that says there will be an animated video for every song.
7/15: Happy Steve finds screencaps to the "Close, But No Cigar" animated video on John K.'s blog.
7/17: Happy Steve finds more screen caps and a short animated video from John K.'s blog.
7/17: American Pie posts a Myspace bulletin from Chamillionaire that confirms a September 26 release date for the ALbum, and that parodies of Green Day, Usher, and R. Kelly will accompany the lead single, a parody of Chamillionaire's "Ridin" called "White and Nerdy. "White and Nerdy" will also have a video.
7/17: Weirdal.com posts a "27 is 26" image its splash page.
7/18: The splash page is changed to a pic of Al with the date 9.26.06.
7/19: weird27 posts a link that may or may not contain part of the tracklist.
7/19: The splash page zooms out on the previous Al pic from yesterday showing a half-body shot of Al sporting a Lynwood high school jacket.
7/20: gooligymoo confirms that the tracklist weird27 posted was a hoax.
7/20: Kevin Adams (at the WeirdAlStar Yahoo! Group) says Al's customer service phone number confirmed the album name as "Straight Outta Lynwood" and it will be available for pre-order on July 24.
7/20: Herman posts links to pictures hosted on weirdal.com revealing a fuller album cover and an the album name.
7/20: Weirdal.com posts the fuller album cover picture and album title and notes the "new joint" "drops" on September 26.
7/21: Marko_The_Odd notes that even more animation of "Close But No Cigar" has been posted on John K.'s blog.
7/22: The recording page is updated to reveal two new songs began recording on July 22.
7/23: Elvis points out that www.straightouttalynwood.com redirects to www.weirdal.com.
7/26: buff posts a link to the complete cover and tracklist as found on Amazon. Amazon takes the information down shortly after, but not before buff has a chance to get a screen grab.
7/28: buff confirms his tracklist is yet another hoax. *sigh*
7/29: Al posts a blog on his MySpace that as of today, the album is done.
8/1: Waffleking posts a Myspace blog from the Retarded Animal Babies that says Dave (the animator) animated one of the SOL videos.
8/2: Herman posts a link to more pictures from "Close, But No Cigar" on John K.'s blog
8/8: Weirdal.com reveals that SOL will feature parodies of Chamillionaire, Green Day,Usher, R. Kelly and Taylor Hicks. DualDisc includes PCM Stereo, 5.1 Surround and instrumental mixes of the entire album (with on-screen lyrics option), plus a 9-minute behind-the-scenes documentary and 6 BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEOS!
8/10: Al reveals that the first single will world premiere on August 21 at 6PM Pacific time and be available for download for free on his MySpace page.
8/12: music89 reports the a booklet from Sony BMG confirms that the videos will be for originals, and the polka will be a medley and will be called "Polkarama"
8/16: Al posts in his MySpace blog he's looking for extras in a new video. The extras need to live in the greater LA area and be between 18-24 years old. The shoot days are August 21, 24, 25 and 27
8/17: Yankblog reports the video being shot is indeed for White & Nerdy
8/18: WOWAY members I_love_yankovic and TMBJon are picked as extras. Their work consists of a still photo shoot, and TMBJon passes along that his photo will be an AV Club. Al will be appearing in "costume" in the photos.
8/18: Maxamegalon2000, pointed out that Al’s video for “Don’t Download This Song” will be shown on Yahoo! Video Premieres on Wednesday, August 23.
8/19: Yankovic Farley notes that Bill Plympton has confirmed on his website that he has animated a video for "Don't Download This Song" and the song describes the perils of on-line music file-sharing. The video will be on MTV and VH-1 in August.
8/19:U62 notes that DontDownloadThisSong.com was registered by Zomba Recording Corporation on 8/17. The website shows the album cover and links to the pre-order page.
8/19: i_Love_Yankovic tells us her photo shoot is for a glee club photo.
8/21: TMBJon, back from his day as an extra, passes along that a chess club is also going to have a picture.
8/21: Don't Download This Song premieres on Al's MySpace.
8/22: The title may still be up to debate, but sethmartin reports Bermuda has confirmed a polka medley for SOL.
8/22: The DDTS video premieres on Yahoo! a bit early.
8/23: Member meelWORM finds that viewing the source code on the DDTS Ecard (Found at dontdownloadthissong.com, reveals a listed Ne-Yo parody. Whether this is a mistake, a parody that was scrapped, or just a song in the polka remains to be seen *EDIT* Further evidence supports a theory that a website was used as a template.
8/24: mikelgb reports his callsheet for the video shoot includes news of two celebrity cameos: Donny Osmond (Celebrity Cameo) and Judy Tenuta (Lady Friend). Mike's role is listed as Trivial Pursuit/Ping Pong.
8/27: Bruce the Duck finds a link from the Snopes message board, where a user claims to have an advance copy of Straight Outta Lynwood, and provides a full tracklist with info on which songs were parodied, songs included in the polka, as well as some lyrics. This person also sends "White and Nerdy" to several members.
8/30: "Canadian Idiot" is leaked onto some file sharing programs.
9/1: David C. Lovelace confirms on his MySpace blog that he animated "Virus Alert" and the song is about computer viruses.
9/2: Al reveals in his latest Ask Al that "photo collage" animator Jim Blashfield has done a video. Also he reveals that SOL will come with a 24 page booklet, SOL was always the intended album title, and that JibJab is doing a video for a parody set for later this year
9/6: trippingdaisy notes that Jim Blashfield confirms on his website that he has animated "Pancreas" (which uses a combination of live action footage from the 1930s combined with new animation) and it will be a style parody of Brian Wilson. A screen grab from the video featuring a CGI pancreas is also posted.
9/7: "White & Nerdy" debuts on Chamillionaire's Myspace.
9/8: The rest of the songs are leaked onto some file sharing programs.
9/17: wwerules finds the "White & Nerdy" video in YouTube.
9/18: AOL cancels the video premiere and Al uploads it to his MySpace instead.
9/20: "White & Nerdy" makes its TV debut on VH1 with a different GAP scene.
9/20:: milkmanraz12343 finds a clip of the "Weasel Stomping Day" video on AdultSwim.com.
9/24: The song "Weasel Stomping Day" premieres on Robot Chicken.
9/26: "Straight Outta Lynwood" released!


Using the Weirdal.com Updates Archive and the Poodle Hat spoilers topic, here is a, as complete as I could get it, timeline of important dates in the process of spoiling Poodle Hat. This topic is mainly intended to let us have a fair prediction for when we'll get specific info on ALbum #12. If there's anything missing or wrong, post it in this topic and I'll add it/fix it. I've chosen to include some false spoilers as well, just for reference purposes.

Poodle Hat spoilers
(All events from 2003)

3/3: Tour dates are announced, causing WOWAY to speculate about ALbum #11.
3/18: A splash page is posted on weirdal.com, with a Flash animation of Al and a date of May 20.
3/21: sarley27 shares an email he received from Bermuda. He says that the O.C. concert original "Party at the Leper Colony" will be on the album, as will an original titled "16 Red Balloons."
3/24: sarley27 finds a release listing on cdnow.com for a rerelease of The Videos DVD. One problem: the release date is set for April 15, not May 20.
3/24: Bermuda confirms that PATLC is on the album.
3/29: Elvis discovers the album title: Poodle Hat.
4/1: A message is posted on weirdal.com that says the album will not be ready for the May 20 release date. The message is taken down soon after, and Bermuda reveals it was an April Fools joke he had second thoughts about. If you missed it, Scottidog has an archive of the message.
4/1: The weirdal.com gallery is updated with pictures of the Poodle Hat recording sessions. Also posted are a few pictures from the album cover session, which confirm that the cover was shot on a subway.
4/4: weirdal.com confirms the album's May 20 release date, and posts cover art.
4/13: Recording dates of PH originals are posted on the weirdal.com Recording Dates page. No titles are given for the songs.
4/21: Information about the PH bonus features is posted on weirdal.com.
4/30: An interview with Jim West is discovered, where Jim confirms that a polka medley was recorded.
5/2: goommba posts a list of song titles posted on a newsgroup that were supposedly discovered on Kazaa. When any of the songs are downloaded, the large files are completely blank. (The track list ended up being 100% correct, and the files were posted by Volcano Records.)
5/3: A day after the Kazaa discovery, johnnytimewarp tells us that he knows the person behind the "leaked" tracklist. According to JTW, it's all a hoax. Hours later, JTW denies this, saying that he simply doubts its authenticity.
5/5: Yankovic Farley finds an article that reveals that Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and Nelly's "Hot in Herre" will both be parodied on the new album.
5/6: BillyW3 uncovers the tracklist order, and says that MTV's TRL revealed that "Couch Potato" was a parody of "Lose Yourself." We also learn that Eminem refused to let Al do a video for the song.
5/6: Some Guy finds a Rolling Stone article that provides the full tracklist, what each song is parodying, all the songs in the polka, and even some of the lyrics from "Couch Potato."
5/7: Jigawatt discovers a press release which reveals that the album contains tributes to Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa.
5/7: Marko the Odd confirms that the song Ben Folds plays on is "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?"
5/7: Antonman82 finds that a clip of "Couch Potato" can be heard on MTV.com.
5/7: CatraDhtem finds a link that reveals that "Ode to a Superhero" is about Spider-Man, much to Dave's chagrin, as he had predicted that a few days earlier.
5/14: "Couch Potato" becomes available on MSN in its entirety.
5/16: Al does an interview on CNN's Headline News, where he confirms that Eminem denied permission for a video.
5/17: Thanks to a store that released the album the Saturday before release date, tempforte purchases Poodle Hat, and types up all the lyrics from the album.
5/17: itgavemytv also picks up the CD early, and reveals all of the bonus mixes to us.
5/20: Poodle Hat is finally released! We all get our grubby little paws on it and the general consensus is that it was worth the nearly four-year wait.
5/20: An Easter egg is discovered: a picture of Al and a very pregnant Suzanne.
5/20: Al does a chat on MSN.
5/20: The Players and Recording Dates pages of weirdal.com are updated with complete info for each song from PH.
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