The Completionist Guide (Now hosted on Elvis' site!)

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The Completionist Guide (Now hosted on Elvis' site!)

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If you go to select Completionist Guide you will have access to an ever-growing document for every Weird Al song presently known. This will include rarities of all sorts as well as any above-board means of hearing it while supporting an official release. As an example: if it was a song on a TV appearance, I list the name of the show and the episode as well as some context on what to expect. If it was a song that aired exclusively on Dr. Demento I will encourage you to access through the official Dr. Demento archive stream via subscription. If the song's source is available on any licensed digital streaming service then I'll list it.

This doesn't just include the more obvious rarities but even, for the sake of being impartial, includes every instance of a unique musical moment no matter how miniscule. Did Al improvise a little ditty during an interview? Did he play accordion in the background for a skit? If it's music then it goes on here no matter how big or small.

Those of you who have been around long enough might recall Catradohtem's songography. This is pretty much like that except instead of emphasizing every physical product to ever feature a song, this will tell you where the song originated and what is the best way to access the best quality of it.

If you have feedback you can inbox me here or email me on the address provided on the site. I hope you enjoy!

[note: this topic was renamed with a completely revised statement in order to formally announce the document's new home without double posting.]