The Hamilton Polka

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by Killingsworth »

This video was just posted to the official "Hamilton: An American Musical" account (the same one that initially released the "official video" of this song.

It's a compilation of various touring companies of Hamilton doing lip-syncs to various portions of Als' medley. It covers almost the whole song up to "You'll Be Back"." onclick=";return false;
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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by weird_el »

I wish it were the whole thing. It's funny that some of them can keep up and some can't.

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by LaikaComeHome »

I'm not super duper into Hamilton, but I love this polka! It's funny hearing Al say "bastard son of a whore," very rare case where you hear him cuss. And seeing him hop around with Lin Manuel Miranda in that video of the two on the show (forget which one, sorry) is adorable.
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