Al songs that took years to appreciate

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Re: Al songs that took years to appreciate

Post by memphiselle1 »

Call me crazy, but I listened to Good Enough For Now for the first time in years recently and now it's one of my faves. Love the fiddle on that track.
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Re: Al songs that took years to appreciate

Post by Yankomaniac »

Good Enough For Now is definitely one that took me years to appreciate and now I do. The fiddle is nice, last time I had Polka Party! on a couple days ago I had no urge to skip it for the first time ever. Still the weakest track on the album, but I love that album so for me that's saying a lot. Wouldn't mind if they pulled this out in one of the stool portions. Could happen..
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Re: Al songs that took years to appreciate

Post by Big Spoon »

While I've always loved Why Does This Always Happen To Me?, the third verse took me a while to appreciate. I used to always find it the least funny of the three for whatever reason (I seem to remember it being because Al caused it himself? Which I get is 100% the joke there) but even just thinking of it just now got a chuckle from me.
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Re: Al songs that took years to appreciate

Post by RunningWithScissors »

There were several originals I didn't appreciate until this tour.

Like I said a few pages ago, You Make Me was one that I never cared for at all, and in 2010, When I could only see him once, and it was either YMM or one of my absolute favs, Franks 2000" TV, For the first few moments of YMM I was so upset and annoyed, but then, seeing it live somehow made it seem like a completely different song. It was fun and a great way to start the show. Now it's still not one of my favorites, but I don't dislike it anymore.

That experience made me think, going into this tour, if there were any others that I didn't care for, but might be really awesome to see live. Really quickly, Young Dumb and Ugly came to mind. I knew that would most likely be amazing live (And I was right.) YD&U though, I never hated, but never listened to outside of listening to Alapalooza through. But before the tour even started, I had a new appreciation for it.

Airline Amy is another that, I never disliked, but never listened to a lot. But listening to it getting ready for the tour, I really did fall in love with it. Probably helps that in the last 3 years I've went to Germany twice. 9 hour flights the flight attendants do almost become like a friend XD To me at least. XD so I could relate.

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