How To Hear Almost Everything Without Bootlegging

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How To Hear Almost Everything Without Bootlegging

Postby CB Johnny » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:28 am

My fellow fans, I proudly present an unfinsihed preview draft of The Completionist Guide To Hearing Every "Weird Al" Yankovic Song Without Bootlegging!

If you are familiar with Catradohtem and Elvis' work on "The Songography" then perhaps you can consider this a spiritual successor albeit with key differences.

The Songography emphasized listing every physical copy that a song every appears in. Maybe you'd be lucky if a song happened to be in Elvis' bootleg collection and that would be listed, too.

However, instead I am only listing the first appearance and then the best way to access it. Spotify, Netflix, Stitcher Premium, Hulu, Squeezebox in all its digital remastered glory, and the criminally underrated Dr. Demento Show subscription streaming service with a handy dandy archive maintained by Jeff Morris that puts my 1970s portion of this document to shame.

I need to emphasize that this is a draft and I am posting it because frankly I struggle with anxiety so this is me diving in. There will be errors but I am primarily confident in the listing of the songs, the years of release, and-- the very purpose of the document-- the column for how to hear them without bootlegging.

I could say more but a lot of it is covered in the first page. Enjoy, folks! :lol:
-Johnny ... =806155780
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