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There have been a few problems regarding pictures on the forum recently. So I'd like to clarify just what is and is not acceptable.

1. No pictures from or Al's Twitter are to be used for avatars, photo art or anything else unless you are the actual owner of the photo. This is non-negotiable. We can hardly call ourselves a fan board if we don't respect the wishes of Al or Bermuda with respect to copyrights and the webpage etc. Think we won't recognize if a picture is from The Mothership? Think again. Someone will, count on it. If you happen to find a picture that someone else has purloined from The Mothership, you still can't use it. Even if you didn't know that was the original source.

2. Please do not direct link to pictures or servers that don't belong to you. People pay for webspace and bandwidth and when you direct link without permission, you are stealing.

To clarify the difference between direct linking and indirect linking...

This is indirect linking, and it's fine to do. In fact if you want to reference pictures located at it's the best and only acceptable way to do it. Oh, and if the pic is too big (and stretches the page) don't direct link. Use an indirect link for huge pictures.

Direct linking is when the picture actually appears in the post, like so:

3. For any pics shown, you should give credit if you know it, but never pretend a pic is yours that isn't. That's a pretty serious no no. And no altering a photo without permission of the person who owns it.

4. There are a gazillion AL pics out there on the web, and we all have made avatars ect. with our finds. But if anyone complains that you have used their pic without permission, a Mod will remove it.

5. If you are quoting a post that has photos in embedded in it, please edit them out. We saw them in the first post. We get it. Really.

Any questions? Pm a mod and we'll add your question along with the answer to this topic.

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Post by WHiZZi »

Added the use of Al's Twitter pictures...
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